Top 8 Classic timeless pieces of jewellery that every woman should own

Top 8 Classic timeless pieces of jewellery that every woman should own and needs in her collection!

No outfit is complete without the right accessories to match, whether you’re going to the office or headed out on the town, a few little accent pieces can do you a whole lot of good. Not all jewellery is created equal, some pieces reach iconic position and become classics.



Pearl earrings

pearl drop earrings

As great as diamond earrings are, pearls also do everything diamonds can do in their own unique way so get a pair of pearls as a simple, yet iconic alternative. You can’t go wrong with the timeless classic that has a modern take to it, this elegant pearl drop earrings will elevate your outfit to another level.


Cocktail/ statement ring

blue sterling silver ring

Cocktail ring is both bold and beautiful and not only it creates a glamorous statement, but is also a perfect conversation piece when attending different events and occasions. It comes in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs. This gorgeous blue crystalring will surely make you the centre of attention.


Stacking rings

sterling silver ringAnother classic timeless piece of jewellery every woman need is stackable rings and is especially true if you’re not much of a bracelet person. Stacking rings have grown in popularity over recent years. Choose gemstones or diamonds, the effect is the same: worn singularly they’re a pretty accent but worn together they offer maximum impact. Plus, you can either wear them one at a time for understated glamour or stack them up for maximum impact. Think about what fits best with your style and personality, and what makes you the most comfortable, too.

Hoop earrings

hoop earrings

Whether you going to work or attending a special event, this pair of crystal half hoop earrings will add glamour and elegance to your outfit.


Diamond (or CZ) studs

stud earrings

It’s true what they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Not in the Budget? No one will know the difference with CZ earrings for a fraction of the price. Stud earrings brought practicality to daywear, but with more than a touch of glamour. This pair of cubic zirconia pave’ stud earrings can be worn on a daily basis and also an easy go-to piece to make sure your look is both polished and put-together. It provides just the right amount of sparkle and elegance to an outfit.

A pendant necklace

key pendant necklace Another timeless piece everyone woman should own is a pendant necklace that you can wear daily. Whether it’s a symbol, a number or even a word, choose a design that best represents your character or a significant moment in your life. This classic sterling silver necklace has a key pendant that signifies the promise of a brighter future, a great choice for anyone. It can also be a great gift for special person.



sterling silver bangle

This solid silver round bangle with bezel set cubic zirconia stones. it is an easy-to-wear classic.


A Long, Elegant Necklace


long necklaceLong necklaces are the perfect complement to tops with high necklines or generally simple outfits. They spice things up in a way that is different and eye-catching without being over the top. Pair a long necklace with your favourite jeans and white t-shirt look or put this on whenever sweater weather rolls around. Either way, you’re sure to look absolutely stunning.



Don’t worry if you only have a few things on this list of classic jewellery, you’ve come to the right place to find anything from a beautiful pendant necklace to cocktail rings.

Tip* In order to create the best outfit pairings possible, you must keep your wardrobe in mind while you shopping. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to try something new!

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